The first Mending Monday did not go as planned; organizing the sewing room, current projects, etc.

It was a complete disaster! My sewing machine didn’t cooperate, the needle got stuck IN the fabric, and I had to pull the jeans off the machine to get the needle out with a pair of pliers. I decided to delete the live video, because it was just me cussing my sewing machine and not getting a lot of mending done. However, I did post some pictures of the finished product. I plan to be more prepared next week, and the show will go on.

I also hope to have a few items up for sale before too long. I got sidetracked this past weekend by an amazing fabric stash that consists of about 150 lbs (~75kg) of fabric that someone was offloading from their attic ahead of a move. I now have five additional boxes of fabric (and a few patterns in the bottom of one of them) I really don’t have anywhere to store. I don’t even know exactly what is IN the boxes, but the fabrics on top were well worth the price I paid. I switched out the shelving in my sewing room for one that works a bit better for my needs and got several plastic totes. Over the course of this week I should be able to get it all sorted and stored.

Current projects:

White sewing machine model 672 – I am awaiting parts and a manual from a lovely person I “met” in a vintage sewing machine Facebook group, and a replacement foot pedal from eBay. The one I have was making suspicious electrical noises and I would rather err on the side of caution. The plug will be detached and replaced with the current plug on the existing pedal because I couldn’t find the exact plug I needed. It connects with two connectors inside the pedal, which are fairly easy to detach. This particular model uses decorative stitch cams, and I can’t wait to play around with them! Take a look at all of my vintage machines here.

Scrappy stash quilt – I’m using offcuts and strips that are too small for other projects to make a scrappy quilt, log cabin style. I have posted a few live videos and will be working on a time-lapse series for the remainder of the project.

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