I’m so excited about the upcoming changes to the site, Facebook page, and store

I’ve settled on a product, and my first line is…. SWIMWEAR! But there have been some setbacks. Primarily, finding prints I like in a quality fabric I like that’s affordable enough to offer you a good price. There’s the additional wrinkle of being able to get the prints in more fabric types. I think I have solved that part, but it means I have had to switch prints and color palettes. It’s not a huge switch on the color palette, but the prints are entirely different. I’ve also determined that a custom option for swimwear tops with a narrow variety of styles is pretty much the only way to go. It will increase turnaround time to customers, which is a drawback. However, having a custom sized top that fits is amazing.

I’ve licensed these lovely prints for use, and will have coordinating solids and prints to match. They still fit the overall theme of what I’m going for and I will be able to get them in a wider variety of fabrics. This allows me to offer t-shirts and other apparel items, in addition to swimwear. Who doesn’t want an entire wardrobe of weird and wonderful?

I’d love to hear your comments!

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