My Vintage Sewing Machine Collection

I’m working on cataloging my machines with all the information I can find about them. I know a lot more about the machines I have inherited from family members, and those I have purchased directly from the original owners. This page is a work in progress.

In my working rotation:

Brother – ~1970 (my aunt’s machine which was a college graduation gift)

Kenmore (My paternal grandmother’s)

Singer Featherweight 1950 Centennial Edition (my maternal grandmother’s)

Sewmaid (Japanese Singer Clone from the 1950s gifted to me, but was an estate sale find)

White Model 311 – Late 1960s by my best guess (thrift store find)

White Model 672 – 1958 (Goodwill find)

White Model 804 – 1970-71 (Purchased from original owner)

Machines not in service:

Franklin vibrating shuttle treadle machine – ~1920s (my husband’s estate sale find)

Singer vibrating shuttle treadle machine – late 1890s (belonged to my mother in law, but I don’t know its provenance)

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